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How do they help ?

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Meeting and Moments

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Satellite TV’s Best Four, Foul-Mouthed Fourth Graders

It started out as simply a short, choppy animation, something that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone put together in order to mock the true meaning of the holiday season: materialism and presents. From there, the stop motion animation of Jesus Christ fighting Santa Claus in front of four, foul-mouthed kids and a piece of talking feces became one of the first viral videos, entitled the “Spirit of Christmas,” and it traveled throughout the Net and in and out of people’s email inboxes. Eventually, it landed in the hands of a Comedy Central executive, who commissioned the duo to turn the short animation into a full-fledged series. Thus, “South Park” was born.

Premiering on cable and satellite TV in 1997, “Cartman gets an anal probe” was the first introduction that the Comedy Central audience had to the newest animated show. Before the premiere, the only hit animated show around was “The Simpsons,” which although had a lot of adult references, was still considered a family oriented cartoon. “South Park,” as viewers quickly learned after witnessing all the cussing, fighting and vomit spewing of the first episode, was anything but a family show.

Taking place in the small town of South Park, Colorado, the show follows the incredible day-to-day adventures of four, foul-mouthed fourth graders: Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman. Granted, the show started out with all of the kids in third grade, but a lot has changed in the 13 years since the original episode premiered, i.e. Kenny does not die at the end of every episode as he did for the first couple of seasons.

Originally the show covered very original and topical issues, such as growing up playing school sports: football and dodge ball are highlighted, or Barbara Streisand trying to take over the world. But in the last years the show has begun to focus more on highly controversial, culturally related dilemmas. For example, one episode directly mocks Steven Spielberg and George Lucas for constantly re-releasing their old films with new, high definition technology. Another goes after the anti-smoking campaigns, trying to show that although smoking is bad, it is an individual’s choice if they want to smoke cigarette or not. One episode pokes fun at reality television by going so far as to claim that Earth, in its entirety, is merely a reality program, broadcasted throughout the universe to all other alien species (of course, this information is relayed by a giant, talking taco that poops ice cream every step it takes.)

And with a new season premiering on March 17 on cable and satellite TV, anything goes with regards to what America’s favorite foul-mouthed fourth graders will do. Whether it is a topical episode or a politically based one, it can be safe to say that all of the F-bombs, all of the blood and all of the shenanigans that is “South Park” will entertain the countless fans that plop themselves down in front of their HD televisions every Wednesday night to catch all of the action. Besides, with a slew of Emmy nominations and a successful movie, one that gained an Oscar nomination for best original song, Trey Parker and Matt Stone must be doing something right.

Avatar – The Last Airbender – Fantasy Collection Truly Takes Youngsters and Adults to Another World

Although an American series, Avatar is animated in the type of Japanese anime. The show is ready in an Asian-world, constructing on Asian ideas comparable to martial arts, elemental magic, chi, rebirth, and the supernatural.

The present is formatted as an epic story advised in a sequence of books. Each episode of the show is a different chapter, and each season is one book.

The present is ready to air for 3 seasons:

Book 1 – Water

Book 2 – Earth

Book 3 – Air

Additional seasons may or may not follow, but Avatar is supposed to satisfy his fate in a battle with the Hearth King on the finish of season.

The world of Avatar is split into 4 nations based upon the 4 elements. In each nation, sure individuals known as “benders” can use magic and martial arts to manipulate their very own component in powerful ways.


Aang is the last Airbender. When the Fire Nation attacked, they wiped out the complete nation of Air Nomads. Solely Aang remained, having been preserved in an iceberg. Airbenders are peaceable, and only use combating as a final resort. Airbending allows the practitioner to make use of the air and wind to their vantage.


The Waterbenders rely on Chi, the ancient Chinese notion of an important life drive that is inherent in all things. Waterbenders can manipulate water, turning it to ice or controlling it movement in many ways.


The Earthbenders can manipulate the earth, utilizing dirt, rocks, and other floor matter, which moves at their will. The Earth Kingdom is sort of large, and if the Hearth Nation defeats the Earth nation, all hope will probably be lost.


They derive their energy from the solar and the earth’s core, and the Firebenders harnessed the ability of a passing comet after they launched their attack on the opposite nations.

The Firebenders will attempt to take over the whole world, until Aang may help the opposite nations to stop them.


The Last Airbender has an nearly unprecedented intensity and complexity of plotline for a children’s animated show. The fantasy series truly takes youngsters to a different world – a religious, magical world in which each chapter episode carries the viewer deeper into the compelling saga. Along with the added story and character depth, nonetheless, the series also comprises a higher level of mature content than another youngsters TV shows.

Because the show has a martial arts theme, there are numerous fights – each hand-to-hand battle and fights involving various weapons similar to swords and knives. The combating scenes are animated, and no blood/gore is shown, but some of the scenes are intense and the main characters usually find themselves in conditions of peril involving armed enemies. In the process of urgent on with their quest, the pre-teen and teenaged characters are discovering out about themselves and exploring relationships with others. In not less than one episode, a young man character kisses a woman on the lips.

According to Nickelodeon, the show is most popular amongst boys – ages nine to fourteen. In evaluating the series with the choice television decisions of children in this age group, Avatar: The Last Airbender presents a thrilling, suspenseful and attention-grabbing present that’s comparatively clean. However, the best concern for folks will be the high stage of animated violence and glorification of martial arts fighting. Also, some dad and mom may have reservations in regards to the magical components of the show.

Going to Universal With Little Kids? Learn How Both Kids and Adults Can Have Lots of Fun

A lot of adults love universal because of all the rides and concerts. However, when traveling with children especially little children many families turn away from Universal thinking that it is adult oriented theme park. This is not true. Kids of all ages can have lots of fun at Universal. These 5 tips will explain how everyone can have fun

Adults and older kids can go to Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and little kids can go to Jimmy Neutron

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is one of the world’s largest roller coaster of its kind, it is an x-type roller coaster. It features a 160 ft drop and 90 degree tilt. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is one of the few roller coasters that has a loop which is inverted. This means that you never go upside down. Imagine being on top on the loop! It is breathtaking. Here is a problem! When traveling with little kids, adults and older kids want to go on the ride and little kids are screaming “Mommy..Mommy..I want to go too”. Here is how to solve this problem. Have one adult take kids to Jimmy Neutron ride and another adult take older kids to a roller coaster. These two attractions are very close to each other and everyone will have fun. More than that, both rides are very conveniently located close to each other. Therefore, reconnection with the rest of your family after the rides will be easy.

What to do if little kids are afraid of rides and attractions?

Solution is easy. Do little kids like Barney or funny animals? Most little kids do! Guess what Universal has a Barney Show. Yes a Barney Show. Not only that, Barney show is conveniently located next to “Animal Actors on Location” attraction. These two shows are a lot of fun for both adults and children. If older kids and adults don’t want to watch Barney show (I can relate to that) and/or animal show, then one adult can take little kids to these attractions. Another adult can take older kid(s) to enjoy nearby Men in Black and Simpson rides. All of the attractions mentioned above are very close to each other. This is yet another way for families to easily reconnect.

What if it’s hot and little kids are bored?

A lot of little kids get very cranky at theme parks. Mommy..mommy I am bored, there is nothing in this park for me to do…I am thirsty…I am hot…etc. Sounds familiar? To solve this problem take your little kids to “Curious George” water attraction. They will never want to leave. It is so much fun that even adults can enjoy it. Kids can splash in the water with adult supervision and older kids can go to roller coasters and even Revenge of the Mummy.

Who loves E.T.?

Do you want your little kids to fly with E.T.? This is one of the most amazing rides at Universal. It is conveniently located next to other little kids friendly attractions such as Barney, Curious George, and Woody Woodpecker Roller Coaster. The whole family can enjoy this ride. If older kids are “too cool” for this ride then Men in Black is right down the road. We personally love E.T. It is fantastic.

Get an express pass!

I explained this tip in my other article titled “The 5 best ways to enjoy Universal Studios in Orlando”. It is so important that I will go over this tip one more time. If you are tired of hearing “Mommy are we there yet…are we there yet.?”, you will literally pull hair out when you are standing in line for 2 hours. Express pass will let you skip long lines to many attractions at Universal. We have a Premiere pass that has express pass built into it. Either way there are tons of attractions and rides. The last thing you want is to stand in long lines, tire your little kids, and stress out older kids. Not all the rides have express entrance. So make sure that you double check with a Universal attendant.


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Best Gifts For Boys This Christmas – Get These and Your Son Will Be Nicer

If you live under the same roof with an adolescent boy, chances are you’ve heard the phrase Bakugan. It is the latest toy craze for boys and is felt around the globe. Bakugan started as a Japanese anime show and was eventually developed into a game by Sega Toys and Spin Master. It’s a thought-provoking game combining skill and strategy. While battling opponents for their metal gate cards (the keys which unlock their inner warrior) themes of good and evil are explored by kids of all ages. Definitely one of the best gifts for boys this Christmas.

Another great toy this season is called Ucreate Music by Mattel. It’s a very easy to use digital music-making system. This “toy” is very cool, for kids and adults. With it, you can create your own songs and mix them like a professional, then share them with your friends. It comes with access to a huge online library where you can download other music packs (tracks, loops, effects) for free. Not many companies are giving away free stuff these days. Thank you Mattel.

Hasbro’s Electronic Hyperslide is another top toy for boys this Christmas. It involves the sweet simplicity of the table-top-paper-triangle football game played by boys for years, but mixed with a new tech twist. Like paper triangle football meets Bopit! And it’s one of those games you can either play by yourself, or with others. It’s harder than it looks so be prepared to have your dignity handed to you by your eight year-old.